Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My first potato plant!!

This is probably way too early but I had a sprouting spud and thought I'd stick it in a pot....Anyway it's growing like crazy and now I'm having to seek out a place to keep it warm.
Hopefully it will start the veg growing season off nicely. I have onion seeds sprouting too. And this weekend I'm hoping to get some timber or decking and get on with building the raised beds.

I am proud though (even though my mother says you can't fail to grow spuds)!

I may call it Nigel. If you ask anyone who knows me I have a habit of naming everything.

Ali :-)


veggiecamper said...

Lucy, I know you were trying to comment. I've managed it now. Can you?? We have had a LOT of pc problems this week :-(

Lucy Pursglove said...

Hello! Woop for spuds! and wooop for your comments working again! :) Xx

Owl and Fox said...

AWWW! that is somehow very adorable! Nice blog! :)


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