Sunday, 25 January 2009

Vegetarian food not just for veggies..

The first of my vegetarian recipes is now online (see below), but first, here's a little background to my passion for cooking.

I have been vegetarian for 20 years, but am not on some anti-canivore soap box. I personally just don't want to eat animals.. end of! A passion and dream of mine is to make it easy for people either thinking of going vegetarian or to cater for those having unexpected veggies come to tea! Either a member of the family or dinner guest. I want to help solve the "Oh my god they're veggie.. what do I cook?"

I have never gone down the road of meat substitutes.. apologies to Mr Quorn! I just like making wholesome easy home cooked dishes, and if I can grow some of my own to go in it all the better. I don't proclaim to make every ingredient from scratch, but I also never set eyes on a ready meal!

I will start with one of the more complicated dishes in my vegetarian lasagne, this is still easy, just takes a little time, but many of my forthcoming stuff is quick easy and tasty, giving people ideas to cater for those pesky vegetarians like us!

Jane x



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