Saturday, 7 March 2009

What makes blogging worthwhile...

....when someone recognises what you're about and gives you some recognition for who you are and what you're on about right out of the blue.

This happened when the Three Legged Cat gave us a mention on their fantastically imaginative blog.

So hello to you from us and Bob!

PS we installed Bob's private entrance in the back door this week. The hilarity has been immense. How one small cat can get so confused about one small flap I'll never know. I never imagined myself pleading lovingly through a piece of plastic patiently persuading my little fella to come in out of the rain...I wouldn't mind but he seems to able to use it just fine when we're not around! Cats are fascinating....

1 Comment:

Willo said...

Congratulations! Keep on keepin on!


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