Monday, 9 February 2009

Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni (serves 3-4)


5-6 sheets of fresh lasagne/cannelloni pasta
2 bags of fresh spinach
1 250g tub of ricotta cheese
100g of chestnut mushrooms
2 cloves of garlic
150g of mature cheddar
1 pint of milk
1 tablespoon of flour
1 small carton of freshly chopped tomatoes
A large knob of butter or alternative
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon of tomato passata
Salt & black pepper to taste


Finely chop the mushrooms & garlic, and place in a large frying pan/wok with a tablespoon of olive oil. Leave to cook gently for 5 to 10 mins.

Chop the 2 bags of fresh spinach (I use a mezzaluna for ease, but a knife will do!)

Add the chopped spinach to the pan, and turn the heat down to very low. Leave the spinach to wilt for about 5 mins, stirring occasionally.

Remove the mixture from the pan and place in a large bowl. Add the tomato, and stir. Then add the ricotta cheese and thoroughly stir through. Add a generous helping of black pepper & a pinch of salt.

Rub a little oil on the bottom of an oven proof dish, and pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C.

To make the cheese sauce, follow the same method as my veggie lasagne.

Take a sheet of pasta, and place a line of the spinach mixture across the middle. Then gently roll the pasta around the filling to form a tube. Place the filled roll in the oven proof dish. Continue this to fill the middle of the dish with filled pasta, leaving approx an inch around the sides for the sauce.

Pour the sauce over the pasta nearly filling the dish.

Place in the pre-heated oven for 20 mins, and that's you done.. !

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