Monday, 9 February 2009

The therapy of music & cooking

I never understand why people have this, "I haven't got time to cook" rant.. "I don't want to start cooking when I get home from work".. etc etc..

The first thing I do when I get home from work (especially if I have had a bad day) is start chopping veg! It's amazing how much frustration you can take out on a mushroom! What better way to divert your brain from the rubbish life brings than violently assaulting a pepper! But the best therapy is cooking with very loud music on!

My music taste lies nicely along side my cooking ideas... I hate ready made, manufactured stuff! I like locally produced food and locally produced music too..

Recently my cooking accompaniment has been a band that go by the name of "Mr & Mrs" A fantastically talented duo from Preston.

Anyone who knows me know I get excited about mandolins and fiddles etc... Ric Birtill and Chez Cullen create a great sound using a mandolin, a fiddle and an acoustic guitar. Ric's great addictive voice and their sublime lyrics are worthy of much more recognition in my humble opinion. Once in a while you hear music that sticks.. an album that you never get bored of listening to, a line that hits you with its originality, humour or emotion. They have that knack of saying things in a way you wish you thought of.. to come up with the line "spinning from the circumstantial serotonin" takes something a little special.

Their debut album - Odds and Ends.. is well worth a listen. A special album that comes along only once in a while.

Jane x


Dr Freebs said...

I'll listen out for these. Totally agree about the music and cooking. It's the true way!

Lucy Pursglove said...

I don't cook! *blushes*. Tom does it all! I can bake til the cows come home but to get a full on meal together with all the parts ready at the same time just makes my mind boggle! I get really stressed trying to cook 'proper' food, which Tom finds highly amusing! I'd love to be a better cook. I shall give one of your soups a go, surely I couldn't mess that up?! Xx


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